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Real wilderness fishing and hunting is not for everyone and many camps advertise “wilderness” fishing but you get a crowded commercial environment.  We offer exclusive fishing with no other camp’s intrusions on five lakes with 80 miles of pristine natural shoreline and beauty.  If you wish to leave a hectic stressful lifestyle for a few days and have the opportunity to get in a boat in the morning, experience world class fishing on a budget and not see another fishing boat all day, this should be your next trip.

Not interested in fishing?  We also offer exclusive and unique hunting packages for visitors that are interested in hunting bear or moose.  Part of the adventure is living with what nature offers.  Weather is generally good but if you are visiting the North Woods during the summer you need to plan for hot days, cool days, never leaving your rain gear in the cabin and dealing with what you are given.  We are careful to properly handle all of our waste and to be as green as we can to minimize surprises from black furry 4 legged visitors.

As is the case with any fishing or hunting trip, some planning and experience can greatly add to the enjoyment you will experience at Breezy Point Camp.  We can gladly assist with a checklist of common items to bring and what to expect.



Breezy Point Camp has been in operation for over 50 years. The camp was started by John and Mary Manchulenko in the early 1950's.  They carved the start of this camp out the real bush country of Northwestern Ontario. The same great fishing and hunting have been maintained and improved over those 59 years. Most of our guests return year after year,with some coming for over 40 years.


This is John and Mary Manchulenko in the early 1950's



Don Hansing with John





Breezy point Camp is located about 15 minutes East of Ignace, Ontario just off the Trans-Canada Highway 17, Canada’s main transportation artery.  We are literally out in the bush, the middle of nowhere, just where we like it.  We offer one of the most affordable premium fishing or hunting experiences in the Northwoods. Drive about 4 miles off Hwy 17 on a maintained gravel logging road, turn onto our camp road and you will leave city noises, stress, peer pressure, other camps, and a few of the conveniences you take for granted behind.  What you get is unspoiled quiet, interrupted only by the rustling of the wind in the trees, loons calling in the lake, and an occasional float plane overhead.  It is not uncommon to see deer, beaver, moose, bear, many species of birds and even a distant occasional wolf.  Almost every wildlife experience you will encounter is a first for both parties.

See the heavens and more stars than you ever have before at night, one step out of your clean, homey cabin.  We are north of the Arctic watershed, which means most waterways drain north to the Arctic Circle.  In June, you can read a book outside at 10:00 PM and it starts getting light around 4:30AM

Many of our repeat guests come for the opportunity to see mother nature the way Breezy Point Camp has presented it for almost 60 years.  We are one of the few camps that still believe in the tradition of “putting up ice”.  Our unspoiled watershed provides ample blocks of ice, harvested every winter, right in front of our camp and put up in an almost 60 year old ice house.  

As we ask you to “slow down and relax” your stay also requires you to adjust from running water to walking water.  All cabins have sinks for washing but we use natural well water from hand pumps, just outside the cabins.  Clean buckets are provided for your use.  Each cabin also has its own five-star outhouse.  We try to leave technology behind but the camp location does allow for some Canadian cell service and some US phones and PDA’s operate, but not all. The camp managers have satellite TV so we keep you up with local weather and any breaking news that may be important, but we do not make that a priority during your stay. 

We primarily use 9.9 and 15 horse motors and 16 foot aluminum fishing boats.   We also supply all life jackets (bring your own if you like), cushions and safety equipment required for your safety.  



With our unique location away from other camps our fishing is fundamental yet phenomenal.  For the true fishing crowd nothing is better than a morning’s fishing and a lunch at one of our many locations available for a true wilderness shore lunch.  With a little planning, have a shore lunch you will never forget.  Our camp manager can assist you in planning and locating our spots to make our experience as enjoyable a possible.